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A heart centered practice blending acupuncture, cupping, chakra balancing, essential oils and massage. Clearing the past to open your heart to the present, and deepening your daily inner peace.​

Peace Energetics


Peace Energetics, is a heart centered acupuncture practice. 

Lila has over 30 years experience in her dedication to the healing arts.  

She specializes in navigating both emotional trauma and in the transitions that life brings. 

Integrating acupuncture, cupping, massage and energetics, she creates a unique, and rare experience.


Disharmonies in the physical body begin with unregulated and persistent thoughts.  

This leads to the scattering of one’s qi, one’s life force, 

which gives rise to an unsettling of the mind.  

Ultimately this generates a dysregulation of the body.  

Thus, imbalances in our mental and emotional life 

lead to aches, pains, injuries, and chronic disease.


Whether you enter Lila’s practice due to a physical injury 

or one you cannot see in the body, 

both issues will be addressed.

The opportunity to taste transcendence is made available.

If you are seeking to find, know, and live the Curriculum of your life…

If you are ready to trust, 

to sincerely meet your Authentic Self…


If you have had enough of the endless processes

 that inadvertently lead to indulgences of habit…

If you are ready to explore yourself with fresh eyes…


If you are ready to have words such as 

peace, happiness, love, and wisdom 

be common in your vernacular…


Then, welcome.  

You just may be in the right space.


Reach out to Lila.  

Reach in to yourself.

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  • Cupping

  • Energetic Healing

  • Essential Oils

  • Animal Healing

  • Distance Healing

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"Lila treated me for a sinus infection. I never thought I'd be happy to have needles on my face. But it was sheer heaven to feel her clear me physically & energetically. Her loving touch melted my headache and mucus away."

—  Karla F. Solis, DDS

    LA Holistic Dentistry


Gretchen Lightfoot

Goorus Yoga - Founder

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